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knux sux

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Name:Ashlii AKA Rouge
hI i lyk ShadRogue itz dah bestezt pairng evah and Sonadou suxx0rz!1

alSo, knux sux 2 b/c he getz in dah way hez just a gulible marroon.

o @ I mad tehse icons myslef dun steel them!1

oh and mah OTHR OTP iz Seto x Shizuak from Yugiho thay r PURFFECT 4 each othr! any1 who disagreez SUX!1

((sockpuppet for shipwar/fandomwar.))

Interests (105):

anti-knuckles, anti-knux, anti-mary sues, anti-michellexashlii, anti-riku, anti-roy, anti-shadonic, anti-sonadow, anti-tea, anti-yami, axelxlarxene, being a bitch, biolizardxshadow, canon go boom, cookies, dan green, emo music, emo!shadow, fandom wars, fullmetal alchemist, hating knuxrogue, hating setoxanzu, hating setoxisis, hating setoxmai, hating setoxyami, hating shadamy, hating sonadow, i hat u, i love joe, i'm always right, i'm awesome, i'm right, joe kickass, kicking rod's nuts, kingdom hearts, knucklesxyami, knux must die, linkin park, lolz yami = punk, making michelle's life hell, mary sues suck it, mean people suck, michelle is stupid, michelle is wrong, michelle sucks, michelle's a dumbass, missyxesmeralda, my brother sucks, newbie typing, not michelle, not rod, ooc, otp, picking on michelle, pokemon, pokeshipping, puppyshipping, riku must die, riku sucks, rod is icky, rod is stupid, rod sucks, rod's a dumbass, roguexshadow, rouge = mai, rouge = me, rouge rocks, roy must die, seto is bi, seto x jounouchi, seto x shizuka, seto/shizuka, sex, shadow = goth, shadow is bi, shadow is hawt, shadow is the best, shadowxbiolizard, shadowxrogue, shadowxrouge, ship wars, shipping, silentshipping, sonamy, sonic the hedgehog, sonicxamy, soraxkairi, tea = mary sue, tea must die, trolling, tuxedo wank man sucks, wtf, yami = gary stu, yami must die, yamixknuckles, yaoi, yelling at idiots, you all suck, you suck, you're a st00pid head, you're wrong, your face, your mom is canon, your otp sucks, yu-gi-oh!
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